About Me

My name is Frank Connors and I am running for City Council. I am a retired US Navy Diver, retired Oilfield Operations Manager, licensed insurance producer for Colorado, Chairman of the Woodland Park Charter Review Committee, life member Disabled American Veterans, and Eagle Scout. My family and our city are what is most important to me. I have been married to my wife for 40 years. Our daughter, son-in-law, and our 9-year-old grandson live in Colorado Springs.
I am running for City Council because I am deeply committed to our citizens and our city.

My promise is to represent all the residents of Woodland Park, not just those who share my views, or those who voted for me. I also promise to rise above the fray, to reach beyond my comfort zones, and to work with others who may have an opposing view. Rising to that challenge is what makes democracy great and the future of our city even greater!

If elected I will start working on issues I feel are very important to our citizens.

Things i will work on

the issues

Fire mitigation

I will work with our citizens, Fire Department and Forest Services to improve our fire mitigation. There is work that needs to be done to improve the city’s fire rating. We already see steep increases in fire/property insurance for homeowners, renters, and businesses. This issue directly impacts what our city pays for insurance. If we can make improvements in this area, everyone will see a positive financial impact on lower cost.

Create an authentic Economic plan:

* Economic development is the creation of wealth in which community benefits are created.
* Business Retention program – enhancing existing businesses
* Business Expansion – attracting new business
* Business Creation – encouraging the growth of new businesses
* Workforce development. Create a future-ready workforce.
* Create a live near your work program

Water Security

The need for securing an inclusive and sustainable water supply for our city is obvious. We need to investigate reuse system grants. Recycled water investments are linked to continued economic stability and growth. In short, we can attain a very affordable drought-proof water supply alternative for the future.

Check out the links above for more information on my issues